lunedì 8 marzo 2010


SOHO WHAT - The First Impression Last
CD | Ltd 3oo copies

This crazy new project is the brainchild of Rudi Van Mad, cult figure of the well known exp-collective called Larsen Lombriki.

This debut album plays w/ genres - with huge attitude and very little respect for musical integralism. Ranging from Pop music ---> to less FM-oriented things [Snakefinger, Swell Maps, The Fall, Neu and The Residents] in a sort of bizarre work-in-progress. 1o great songs of un-classificable stuff, combining a "free form" approach to more structured parts in sort of dada weird-wave. The review that Julian Cope wrote _on his site Head Heritage_ about a promo copy of this record, said: "Singular in a very Electro-Buzzsaw manner is THE FIRST IMPRESSION LAST by Soho What, whose catchy bastard post-punk toons blaze along Chrome-esque shock corridors into intertwining cul de sacs of 39 Clocks- and Metal Urbain-isms, while Transatlantic Faust-style lead vocals conjure up Electric Manchakou sub-sub-French Detroitisms, know wharramean? Imagine A Certain Ratio’s classic ‘All Night Party’ 45 performed over a rhythm of Devo’s ‘Satisfaction’, or maybe the autobahn’n’ice-rink motorik of the Stones’ ‘Shattered’ and yooz reaching the Soho What pleasure centre. Top marks, however, go to the snarling epic ‘She Said’, with its snidey Howard Devoto-meets-Barney Albrecht matter-of-fact vocal and hectic HALF MACHINE LIP MOVES-style Cleveland No Wave machine gun riffing. Hailing from Italy, Soho What is run by one Rodolfo Borsella, who has very little presence on the ‘worldwide’, but – for his classy hybrid of Cleveland, No York, De Twat and London – really should be searched by those interested souls".

Not to be missed.



Ltd to 3oo copies only!


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