lunedì 28 marzo 2011

mercoledì 16 marzo 2011


MY VIOLENT EGO - One day you'll laugh at the sad saga that was

- 22 tracks, total timing, 59'56''.

DIGIPACK CD + 8 pg Booklet, LTD 5oo -

[Sometimes records / Handwriting records / White Birch records]

My Violent Ego come back after 8 years with a new album that collects their EPs produced before and after "Carried-Along-By-Fate", full lenght album dated 2003, released via the French record label Ocean Music.

Now fully remastered, "One day you'll laugh at the sad saga That Was" contains a selection of tracks from Lìtost EP, Feel Yr Sleep (2001), Rejected by Fate (2003), and the collection of demos that was released in 2005 in internet under the title of Clicks & Hisses, - thay same EP that was later 'stolen' by the black metal band from Portland, Velvet Cacoon, and widespread on the Internet with their name, before getting caught. My Violent Ego is not a black-metal band. They sound dreampop music, shoegaze, bliss-out: guitar-driven melodies, devoted to Christy Brewster's seraphic voice. For fans of 4AD, Slowdive, Cocteau Twins, Lovesliescrushing, My Bloody Valentine, Mahogany... Ruth Veln Kiss. And of black metal.


My Violent Ego:

Christy Brewster: vocals, voices, violins.
Paolo Miceli: gtr, gtrs, even more gtrs, drum loops.



My Violent Ego
is the name of the musical affinity between Christy Brewster and Paolo Miceli.

She from Edinburgh, Scotland, him from Rome, Italy, distant neighbors thanks to the Internet, - it all began in 2001 when they met on the forerunner, and began to exchange music recordings via digital and mail. Never vis-à-vis for years, they released two self-produced EPs, until the official debut on the French record label Ocean-Music in January 2003, - Carried-along-by-fate, - to be distributed in the U.S. by Tonevendor and Projekt rec, as well as in Italy by Venus dischi.

Promotional tours in 2003 and 2004, several collaborations with the Giardini di Mirò (Paolo records for them a version of A new start for shoegazing kids, featured in Songs for Broken Hearts and Asses and a vinyl 10" for Love Boat rec, while Christy sings on several tracks in Dividing Opinions and Punk.. No Diet..!), featured in the mixtapes of Best Kept Secret rec and Hoboken rec, My Violent Ego take a break in 2005 during the recordings of Clicks & Hisses in France, only to find themselves again ‘distant neighbors’ in 2009, for what will be scheduled in Fall 2011 as the new chapter of My Violent Ego, titled You might find your self.

Paolo Miceli (RUTH VELN KISS, KINSKI) is currently guitarist in a shoegaze band called Sea Dweller (2&1 records), and Christy Brewster, together with her sister Kaye, released an album via Ocean-Music rec under the monicker of Violet’s Revenge.


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